The Pajama Game

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris


Efficiency expert Vernon Hines sings about the time-study work he loves:  “The Pajama Game.”

RacingInside of the Sleep Tite Pajama Factory, Hines has all the workers “Racing with the Clock.”
  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Vernon Hines (Joe Balding)

Prez (Neal Nesbitt)

Josephine (Jodi MacNeal)

Myron Hasler (Gordon Pettey)

Gladys Hotchkiss (Heidi Wilhelm)

Mae (Linda Watkins)

Brenda (Mindy King)

Poopsie, (Jane Adams)

Mary (Jenn Fritchley)

Mara (Sylvia Abbott)

Virginia (Myca Haynes)

Rita (Emily Maluski)

Doris & Waitress (Sandy Russell)

Sid Sorokin (Joseph L. Maxwell III)

Mabel (Cecilia Rinaldi)

Injured Worker (Chris Coleman)

Charley (Roger Varner)

Catherine “Babe” Williams (Angela Blair)

Maxine (Christine Neumann)

Pop (Charlie Smith)

Blue Babe
The new supervisor, Sid Sorokin, muses that “A New Town Is a Blue Town.” Sid meets Babe Williams, the head of the union Grievance Committee, who represents a worker who claims that Sid hit him.
Love Jealous
Sparks fly between Sid and Babe, but Babe insists, “I'm Not at All in Love.” Sid's secretary, Mabel, tries to coach Hines to overcome his insane jealousy about Gladys Hotchkiss, the boss's secretary, so Hines can say, “I'll Never Be Jealous Again.”
Hey Pass
After a visit to his office from Babe, Sid sings a duet with his dictaphone:  “Hey There.” The union President, Prez, makes a pass at Gladys with his usual line:  “Her Is.”
Picnic XXXX
At the annual company picnic, the employees sing the company song:  “Sleep Tite.” The picnic is a “Once-a-Year Day,” when everyone can go a bit wild.
Pass 2 Pop
At the picnic, Prez tries out his “Her Is” line on Mae with good results. Sid comes to visit Babe at her home and meets her Pop who has a train to catch.
Small Talk A Man
After some flirtation, Sid and Babe agree to dispense with “Small Talk.” Sid sings “There Once was a Man” to tell Babe that his love for her is epic.
XXXX Steam
The workers implement a slow down to bring attention to their demand for a raise of seven-and-a-half cents an hour. At a union meeting, some of the workers provide entertainment by dancing to “Steam Heat.”
Hey There 2 Time
After a quarrel with Sid, Babe sings “Hey There.” Hines entrances the factory girls by explaining how he lives his life to maximize his efficiency:  “Think of the Time I Save.”
Oops Hernando's 1
At Maxine's insistence, Hines models a pair of pajama pants for Myron Hasler, the big boss. When the improperly sewn top button pops off, the pants fall down. Sid suspects there is an important secret in the company's financial records and, in an attempt to gain access to them, asks Gladys for a date. Gladys suggests that they go to “Hernando's Hideaway.
Hernando's 2 Secrets
The crowd is lively at “Hernando's Hideaway.” Sid confronts Hasler with the company's financial secret.
Hernando's 2 Secrets
The workers picket for their raise. Babe and Prez calculate what “Seven and a Half Cents” will really mean to the factory workers.


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