The Princess and the Goblins

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris



Bored on a rainy day, Princess Irene discovers a mysterious woman—her great-great-grandmother—spinning in a tower of the castle.  She says she is there to take care of the Princess.


Her nursemaid, Lootie, doesn't believe Irene's story.

  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Princess Irene (Tatum Lovsey)

Lootie (India Mitchell)

Grandmother Irene (Lee Carter)

Curdie Peterson (Caleb Bryant)

Peter Peterson (James Euto)

Mary Peterson (Lily Porter)

Sir Walter, Captain of the Guard (Isaac Dinkins)

First Guard / First Miner / King's Trumpeter (Sarah Burchett)

Second Guard / Second Miner (Sandy Russell)

Goblin King (David J. Whealey)

Goblin Queen (Morgan Brausey)

Goblin Prince Hairlip (Orion Carter)

Goblin Chancellor (Amy Abercrombie)

Goblin Father (Glump) (Rita Preston)

Goblin Mother (Mudge) (Eva Paré)

Goblin Boy (Lug) (Sydney Dicken)

Goblin Girl 1 (Blop) (Irie Green)

Goblin Girl 2 (Blip) (Darian Lallier)

The King (Joe Balding)

Goblin-115 Goblin-165
While walking near the castle, Lootie and Princess Irene are threatened by goblins.  A miner boy, Curdie, shows them how to keep goblins away with rhymes. Curdie prepares to work late one night in the mine to earn money for a red flannel petticoat for his mother.
Goblin-198 Goblin-268
He overhears a goblin family in a nearby tunnel talking abut a mysterious goblin plan. Goblin feet are soft, admits the Goblin Father, but at least they have no toes that they must hide with shoes, like “Sun-people.”
Goblin-312 Goblin-394
Curdie follows the goblin family, and is able to spy on a meeting with the goblin royal family. On a second visit, Great-Great-Grandmother puts ointment on Princess Irene's injured hand, and then sings her to sleep.
Goblin-459 Goblin-559
Great-Great-Grandmother gives Princess Irene a ball of thread she has spun from spiderwebs.  Since one end of the thread is attached to Princess irene's ring, and the ball of thread stays in Grandmother's bedside table drawer, Irene can always follow the thread to safety in time of need. Another attempt to spy on the goblins goes awry, and Curdie is overpowered and captured.
Goblin-606 Goblin-660
Awakened by noises in the night, Princess Irene follows her magic thread into the mountain, where she finds Curdie walled in behind a pile of rocks. Princess Irene and Curdie follow the thread to Grandmother's tower, but Curdie is unable to see Grandmother or her room.
Goblin-759 Goblin-911
Curdie tells his parents about his strange experience, and how he cannot understand why Princess Irene claims to see things that he cannot.  In return, his mother tells him about a time when goblins attacked her and she was saved by a strange light shining down as if from a high tower. While Curdie is trying to warn the castle guards of danger, the goblins attack.
Goblin-928 Goblin-936
The goblins are driven away by shouting rhymes and stamping on their tender feet—but where is Princess Irene? Led by Grandmother's magic thread, Curdie finds Princess Irene safe with his mother. As he apologizes for not believing in Grandmother, Curdie realizes—the Goblins plan to flood the mine!
Goblin-1006 Goblin-1064
The King arrives just as the goblin plan backfires—the flood they have prepared for the mine invades their own tunnels, and the stream is flooded with goblin bodies. After promising to return when the castle is repaired (with a red flannel petticoat for Mary Peterson), Princess Irene and the King depart.
Goblin-1109 Mad Hatter
Cast Photo:  Standing--Rita Preston, Tatum Lovsey, Sandy Russell, Joe Balding, Caleb Bryant, Lee Carter, Sarah Burchett, James Euto, India Mitchell, Lily Porter, Isaac Dinkins, David Whealey, Morgan Brousey.  Kneeling—Sydney Dicken, Irie Green, Eva Paré, Darian Lallier, Orion Carter, Amy Abercrombie. Before the performance, the front-of-house crew raises money to take a show excerpt to an Ohio Community Theatre Association festival. (Picture by K. M. Chan)


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