The Velveteen Rabbit

Photos by Andrea Hashman


Family and TVR

At Christmas, a boy who loves to watch rabbits playing in the garden receives a velveteen rabbit as a gift.


That night, all the toys in the boy's toy box come to life.  They tell the Velveteen Rabbit that being real means having parts that move.

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Boy (Orion Carter)
Mother (Lee Carter)
Father (Chris MacNeal)
The Velveteen Rabbit (Allyriane Huq)
The Skin Horse (Becca Robinson)
Doctor (Sylvia Abbott)
Girl Rabbit/Toy/Fairy (Teagan Hughes)
Nursery Magic Fairy/Toy/Rabbit (Riley Maffin)
Toy/Rabbit/Fairy (Avery Brooks)
Toy/Rabbit/Fairy (Micaiah Clouse)
Toy/Rabbit (Brianna Combs)
Toy/Rabbit (Ethan Cooper)
Toy/Rabbit/Fairy (Emily Davis)
Toy/Rabbit/Fairy (Sydney Dicken)
Toy/Rabbit/Fairy (Alexis Fritchley)
Toy/Rabbit/Fairy (Tatum L’Heureux)
Toy/Rabbit/Fairy (Sydney Lewis)
Toy/Rabbit/Fairy (Abigail Mulligan)
Toy/Rabbit (Corey Mulligan)
Toy/Rabbit (Celeste Parsons)
Toy/Rabbit/Fairy (Sydni Roell)
Toy/Rabbit (Alley Snyder)
Toy/Rabbit/Fairy (Becca Swanson)
Toy/Rabbit (Fox Thompson)

Skin Horse and Robot Skin Horse and TVR
The Skin Horse, the oldest toy in the nursery, talks to the Robot, one of the new, shiny, mechanical toys. After the Robot points out how much the Velveteen Rabbit has been worn by playing with the Boy, the Velveteen Rabbit asks the Skin Horse if this will hurt his chances of becoming real.
Skin Horse and TVR 2 Rabbits 3
Rabbits 2
Rabbits 4
The Skin Horse reassures the Velveteen Rabbit that being real depends only upon being loved, and that even with worn fur, “You'll still be beautiful to him.” The real rabbits come into the garden and play while the Velveteen Rabbit admires them.
White Rabbit and TVR Family and Doctor
The White Rabbit teases the Velveteen Rabbit because he has no moveable hind legs. Meanwhile, the Boy has become ill with viral pneumonia, and must go to the hospital.
Doctor and Mom TVR TVR Trash Can
The Boy wants to take his Velveteen Rabbit, but the Doctor tells the Mother that the toy should be thrown in the ash can becaise it is infected with germs. In the ash can, the Velveteen Rabbit believes all the dreams of being real are gone forever.
Nursery Magic Fairy Fairies 1 Fairies 3 Nursery Magic Fairy and TVR
However, Fairies appear and dance in the garden. The Nursery Magic Fairy tells the Velveteen Rabbit that she is now real, and can run and play with the other rabbits.
Family The Directors
When the Boy returns from the hospital, all his toys are waiting in the toy box—except for the Velveteen Rabbit—but a rabbit that looks just like her is playing outside in the garden. Directors Jodi and Jenn.


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