Wyrd Sisters

Photos by Jeff and Heather Morris

The Witches

"I always say you can't go wrong with a good Invocation." Nanny suggests to Magrat and Granny that they summon a demon.

Verance and Nanny
The ghost of old King Verance talks with Nanny Ogg in the dungeon.
  • The Cast
  • (order of appearance)

Magrat Garlick (Heidi Wilhelm)

Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax (Celeste Parsons)

Gytha "Nanny" Ogg (Karen M. Chan)

Soldier/ Guard / Robber (Debbie Campanali)

Bowman/ Guard (Mike Ritter)

Soldier/ Peasant/ Bedlin (Noah Adam)

Duke Felmet (Joe Balding)

Duchess Lady Felmet (Tracy Corrigan)

Chamberlain/ Guard (Dan Erlewine)

Sergeant (Norm Cohn)

Actor / Peasant/ Wimsloe / "Guard" (Dawn O'Neal)

Olwyn Vitoller (Jim Parsons)

Mrs. Vitoller (Carol Ault)

Fool (Cody Bonds)

King Verence (Bruce Jones)

Peasant/ Robber / Witch 1 (Cecilia Rinaldi)

Guard (Clyde Tippie)

Tomjon (Sam Witmer)

Hwel (Christine Neuman)

Peasant/ Robber / Gumridge (Neal Nesbitt)

Witch 2 (Miranda Miller)

Witch 3 (Sylvia Abbott)

Blessed with fruit? Dark raptures
Granny asks the Vitollers, "Has your union been blessed with fruit?" Duke Felmet talks with the Sergeant about the witch, "Did she show you . . . dark fascinations and forbidden raptures, the like of which mortal men should not even think of; and demonic secrets that took you to the depths of man's desires?"
Gone all red
		You like it
The Sergeant asks, "Are you all right, sir? Only you've gone all red." Duchess Felmet reminds the Duke of the early days of their marriage, "In fact, you like it, don't you? The thought of the danger. I remember when we were married; all that business with that knotted rope."
Fool's lament Demon
The Fool laments, "What have I got myself into? I never asked to be a Fool, you know. It just happened." The Demon appears and introduces itself: "My name is WxrtHlt-jwlpklz." [Photo by Cecilia]
Dungeon Peasant
In the dungeon, the Duke tells Nanny, "That, my dear lady, is the Iron Maiden. It's the latest thing." The ghost of old King Verance and the Duchess look on. Granny advises the peasant, "A person could go far, knowing their rights like you do. But right now they should go home."
Spirit Boom
The guards toy with Magrat outside the dungeon door, "I like a girl with spirit." Magrat's "rite of passage" opens the door to the dungeon.
Kiss Spell

Fool: “If I kiss you, do I turn into a frog?”
Magrat: “We shall have to see.”

Granny: "The Kingdom of Lancre shall remain frozen while the whole of Discworld moves on fifteen years full and final."
Robbers Destiny
Hwel and Tomjon come upon three robbers beating the Fool. "Don't expect us to do you too, 'cos we're on our way home." [Photo by Cecilia] Hwel listens as Vitoller considers Tomjon's resemblance to the Fool, "Could be some destiny at work there, too."
Dawg Death
Hwel fires up the actor witches, "Not for me... not for the goddam captain... but for Corporal Walkowski and his little dawg." Hwel prompts Wimsloe with Death's lines, "'Gainst whom no lock will hold nor fasten'd portal bar."
Arrest Vengeance
The guards arrest the actor witches who protest, "Yes, but excuse me, we're not really witches!" Duke and Duchess Felmet watch as Tomjon tries to keep the play on track by prompting Bedlin (playing the Duke) and Gumridge (playing the Duchess), "Aha, it calls you forth for vengeance, does it? And the heavens cry revenge, too, I expect." [Photo by Cecilia]
Tortoise Spear Conk
Tomjon keeps trying to save the performance, "See how I dodge thy tortoise spear. I said, see how I dodge thy tortoise spear. Thy spear, man. You're holding it in thy bloody hand, for goodness' sake." [Photo by Cecilia] The Fool and Magrat listen to the Duchess ranting, "There's not one of you that doesn't fear me! I can make you widdle your drawers out of terror, and now I'm going to take – " At this point, Nanny conks her on the head with the prop cauldron.
Burp Can anyone hear us?
Nanny gives a happy burp after drinking from her coronation mug. The imprisoned actresses call for help, "Hello. Can anyone hear us?”
Director Curtain Call
Demon Director Dean, "Yes. A little further stage left. A little further. Right there." Curtain call.


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