Map2Cue Has Moved

From time to time, Google Maps introduces enhancements to the format of bicycle routing instructions.  When this happens, it breaks Map2Cue, until I can fix it.

One of these format updates was rolled out on 1/26/2018, just as I was using Map2Cue to plan a ride around the perimeter of Tennessee.  The new Google Maps feature includes notes about commercial establishments along the route, for example, "Pass by Dollar General (on the right in 3.5 mi)."  Map2Cue tried to handle the new ad lines just like turn instructions and the result was normal until it hit one of these lines and then confusion, with lots of "NaN" (not a number) statements where it expected mileages.

Anyway, Map2Cue is now fixed.  You can find it at  The new version now has a checkbox labeled "Include advertising like 'Pass by Joe's Bar (on the right in 3.5 mi)' in directions?"  It's unchecked by default, but you may decide to check it to see notes about places to find supplies and services along your route.

Jim Parsons

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