Make a Cue Sheet from Google Maps Directions

From Google Maps, generate a neat set of directions in this form:  Direction|Distance|Total.

  1. Visit Google Maps and get a set of cycling directions.
  2. Select and copy to clipboard the directions and distances, beginning with the first turn instruction.
  3. Paste the copied directions into the text area below these directions.
  4. Pick the number of decimal places you'd like in the distances displayed on your cue sheet.
  5. Click the Make button, and the directions will be formatted.
  6. Select and copy the formatted directions in the text area.  They will be in miles or kilometers, depending on what Google Maps provided.
  7. Paste the formatted directions into your favorite spreadsheet program.
  8. IMPORTANT: When you are prompted about importing choices, click Commas (not Tabs) as the separator.
  9. Use your spreadsheet program to make final adjustments (setting the width of column A to 4" and automatic line wrap works nicely).
  10. Print your new cue sheet.
  11. To do it again, just replace the Google Maps directions and click the Make button.

Instead of pasting into a spreadsheet, you can paste into a text document using a plain text editor, and save it as a .CSV (comma separated values) file. The CSV file can then be imported into many office software products (including spreadsheets).

Display this many decimal places on the cue sheet:   0 1 2 3

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